04 elokuuta 2007


Tanaan matkaamme Jeninin pakolaisleirille, mutta sita ennen lisaa kommentteja eilisesta.
Kiertelimme paivalla Nablusin vanhassa kaupungissa ja vierailimme perheiden luona joiden lapsi on Israelissa vankilassa. Vierailukaytannot ovat alyttomia, vankeja kidutetaan ja olosuhteet ovat kaikin puolin kurjat. Huomattavaa maaraa vangeista ei ole tuomittu mistaan, josta myos antaa osviittaa, etta Israel armahtaa heita aina kun tarvitsee "hyvantahton osoitusta". Tiedot eivat varmasti yllata ketaan, mutta tarinat saavat aika lailla uusia elementteja kun niita kuulee perheenjasenilta eika lue jostain raportista.
Samaa voisin sanoa myohaisillan kavelyretkesta kukkulanlaidalle Sawatan kylaan. Aluetta ymparoi Israelin sotilastie, ja oppaamme joka on ISM-konkari kertoi oliivisadon poimimisen mahdottomuudesta IDF:n (eli siis Israelin armeijan) piirityksen takia. Alue on miehitetty vesivarojen takia jota laheinen siirtokunta "tarvitsee". Tarinoita sokeuttamisista vankilassa, tuhotuista kodeista ja lasten tuomitsemista elinkautisiin vankestuomioihin taydensi osuvasti laakson toisella puolella ammutut IDF:n jokaoiset valoraketit ja pitkat rynnakkokivaarisarjat. Absurdin olon keskella ajatus karkautui vaistamatta eilisen merkintani teemoihin. Lienee itsestaanselvaa, etta kaikki vakivalta johtaa juurensa miehityksesta ja, etta kansainvalinen asenne Israeliin tulisi olla sama kuin Etela-Afrikan taannoista apartheidhallintoa kohtaan.

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KGS kirjoitti...

So it's the JEWS fault for everything? At what point does the average Palestinian begin to take on their share of the responsibility for the violence?

There have been many land disputes throughout history, but none have (to the best of my knowledge) seen a whole society turn itself into a death cult, while claiming victimhood at the same time they purposely try to kill non-combatants (cvilians) in cold blood.

Dan Koivulaakso kirjoitti...

Jatkan suomeksi, koska ilmeisesti kgs on edellisenkin merkinnan osannut lukea, vaikka kommentoikin englanniksi.

En oikein ymmarra miksi juutalaisuus on mainittu kommentissa, en itse koe tarvetta keskustella uskonasioista blogissani. Ja sitten varsinaiseen asiaan eli kommenttiin vakivallasta ja "maariidoista". Kyseessahan ei ole mikaan maariita vaan miehitys joka vaatii jatkuvasti ihmishenkia ja tekee suuren maaran ihmisia elamasta noyryyttavaa helvettia.

Palestiinalaiset tuntevat riiston nahoissaan esim. liikkumisenvapauden rajoittamisena, kotien tuhoamisena, poliittisina vankeina ja mielivaltaisina vangitsemisina tai summittaisilla teloituksilla. Miehitys on lopetettava jos vakivallan halutaan loppuvan.

KGS kirjoitti...

Jews are very much in the equation when talking about the Israeli / Palestinian conflict. Israel defines itself as a Jewish state, and since you appear to look in one direction for all the blame (Israel), I am well within my rights to write as I did. It is most certainly correct to refer to both the WB (Judea & Samaria) and Gaza as disputed territories. The very nature of UNSCR 242 spells it out as much. All I can do is advise you to look up the difference between a UNSC chapter six and chapter seven´resolution.

The former recognizes disputes that will be handled through negotiations, while the latter recognizes that the guilty party in question has no legal right be where they are, as in the case of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. Reading the very clear document, UNSCR242, it does not demand Israel to withdrawal from every square centimeter of the disputed territories, but from some, not all. It also recognizes that Israel is still the high contracting power of the areas until a just and lasting peace can be negotiated between all the warring sides.

When it comes to humiliation, Israel has far better things to do than to think up "new ways" to humiliate Arabs. That is truth. If not for terrorism, there wouldn't be any cause for roadblocks and check points and a security fence. Before the first Arab uprising, none of these measures were employed by Israel, Arabs were free to come and go as they pleased, their standard of living was far better (than any of their neighbors) when Israel administered the territories and due to their dirty terrorist war, they have to be watched very carefully. Peoples lives depend upon it.

When it comes to the smear label of "apartheid", the use of such deplorable rhetoric tells me that you either do not know how the original apartheid system worked, or your just using a convenient smear for political purposes, which is it? Israel is a multicultural society, far more one than Finland will ever be. How can Israel be racist when its Arab minority has full rights under the law, (even WB Arabs have access to the Israeli court system, and have even won verdicts) Arabs participate in its democracy, with over ten Arab MP's in the Knesset. Even the Israeli Supreme Court has an Arab judge residing in it. What Arab lands can boast the same?

When it comes to apartheid, look no further than Israel's neighbors. Jordan refuses Jews the right to own land there, Saudi Arabia refuses Jews and Christians as well as all other religions access to Mecca and Medina, while Rome and Jerusalem is open to all. Sudan is ethnically cleansing Darfur, while Palestinian Muslims are driving out Christian Arabs in droves. Bethlehem was once 80% Christian before Yasser Arafat arrived, now it hovers around 20%. Arab Churches have been fire bombed, violated and desecrated, yet you are concerned about Israeli measures that ensure Israelis won't be murdered in their coffee shops and busses. Hmmm.

Political prisoners sounds nice to the anti-Israeli ear, but in reality its nothing more than snarky propaganda. Please give me a few names of these "political prisoners" you mentioned. Be advised, they can't be individuals that have their hands deep into terrorist activity. Might there be a few innocent prisoners? Perhaps, like in all societies, not every convict gets a fair shake, Finland included. When it comes to summary executions, do not look in Israel's direction, (it doesn't exist) look to how the Palestinians treat anyone they suspect working with Israel..bang. Or how Hamas treats Fattah, out the window from the 15th floor...thud.

When the Palestinians are no longer a threat to themselves, they will no longer be a threat towards Israel. As long as they have folks like yourself championing their cause, (I also wish them well) without holding them responsible for their actions (treating them like children, how patronizing) they will continue to behave as they have in the past. No, its not the "occupation" that is the main reason why the conflict is still going on, its due to Arab intransigence, Islamist supremacy, and the international WELFARE STATE that has dumped more money towards the Palestinian Arabs than ANY OTHER NATIONAL GROUP IN EXISTENCE.

Palestinians still get around $400 per nose while the rest of the world's refugees get around $40 annually. I'm not saying we should not give them anything, but demanding something from them in return, for all the time, money and effort spent on their behalf. A complete rejection of violence by the overwhelming majority in their society would be a start. Ending the institution of the culture of death, that seeks to brainwash their youth into becoming jihadis, and wanting death, would be a start as well. How about preparing their youth for an eventual peace instead of a perpetual war? That's all Israel is asking for. What say you?